In addition to the products that we supply, we offer various practical services before, during and after production to unburden you as much as possible. Work planners, project leaders, buyers and developers know where to find us on a daily basis for a wide range of issues. Service-oriented and with a lot of passion for our profession, we are happy to help you with your project.

Engineering and prototyping

If you are looking for a solution to a construction problem, we will be happy to contribute ideas and actions in mutual consultation. We have the best people in house for the correct fastening of facade cladding, the smartest way to make a connector, or any other structural challenge. Our engineers will help you come up with the smartest design. In addition to drawing up a design, we can also create 3D prototypes with which your concept solution can be extensively tested. We work with the latest IT solutions so that you can deliver the latest data files for inspecting technical drawings and other data. In this way, we work together in a quick, practical and concrete manner to find the best solution for you.

Do you want to know how we can unburden you? Please contact Paul Veenhoff or Mischa Polak directly. They will be happy to think along with you!

Logistics and project management

A construction project is often complicated and full of logistical challenges. Custom products, fasteners and other workpieces that need to be in place on time in the construction process require good planning. We understand the complexity of project-based work and can support you in this thanks to our working method. In close cooperation with KS Project Logistics, our sister company, and KS Systems, our project organisation, we ensure that your materials are there just in time when you need them. In addition to the production, finishing and delivery of products and workpieces, you can also assign the entire logistics and project management to us. We ensure that all products are delivered on time and are traceable via Track & Trace and QR codes.

Contact us

We would like to get to know you and your challenges and think along with you to come up with the right solutions. Please contact us and share your project needs!