KS Parts and Components grew out of parent company KS Systems, founded in 1975 under the name Kontinex Staal. To unburden its internal customers, the 'Special Products' unit was set up in 2016. This unit purchases bolts, nuts and other fastening materials and produces other custom construction materials for clients of KS Systems.

The unit's sales grew rapidly, with an extensive network of suppliers and partners providing access to a wide range of products and production methods. In addition to KS Systems, other clients came with requests for special products, including a complete stairwell for a warehouse in the United States. The people of the business unit, entrepreneurial as they are, completed even this order.

In 2020, the turnover and customer composition had grown to such an extent that the decision was made to set up a subsidiary for the activities of 'Special Products', being KS Parts and Components BV. This company name better expresses the strength of the company: the production and delivery of parts and workpieces for projects, engineering and construction. KS Parts and Components now supplies a wide range of customer groups, both at home and abroad.

KS Parts and Components is part of KS Industries. There is very close cooperation within this group of companies, with KS Project Logistics, KS Service Center and KS Systems. This cooperation ensures great capabilities and concrete added value for the customers.

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